Xamarin Forms

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Xamarin Training Course


Course Coverage

(1) Starting with Visual Studio 2015(Professional) with Xamarin

  • Xamarin overview.
  • Compiling and testing Xamarin Forms Apps (for android & windows phone).
  • Visual Studio plug-in for Building Apps with Forms.

 (2) Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android (Optional / Information Only)

  • Native Platform features and Architectures.
  • How to do Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android (Interact and Compile to Native Environments.)
  • Calling native functions and libraries.
  • Compiling and Running Native Builds.

 (3) Cross-platform options

  • Shared Projects.
  • PCL Solution.

 (4) Xamarin Forms

  • Introduction to Forms.
  • Xamarin Forms XAML basics.
  • Building Controls with XAML and C#.
  • Data Binding.
  • Offline app support.
  • File upload/download from device internal/external storage location.
  • Push Notification.

 (5) Controls

  •  Basic Controls – Editor, Images, Labels.
  • Table View Control and List View Control.
  • Custom Controls For each platform.
  • Accessing Native Controls via Dependency Service and Dependency Injection.

 (6) Web Services

  • Consuming WCF service through Restful service (Web API).
  • Parsing (JSON/XML) and passing to UI.

 (7) Platform Tweaks

  • Accessing Native Features of platforms.
  • Network info access.
  • Accessing platform (OS) info.
  • Using Dependency Services for Platform Specific Libraries.

  (8) Database Access

  • The Native Directory Structures.
  • Using SQLite with different platforms in PCL/ Shared Project.
  • Sync between local SQLite database and SQL server.
  • Accessing Application Folders and Shared Folders.

 (9) Accessing application resources

  • Accessing resources from Shared Code Project.

 (10)  Wrap Up

  • Optimizing the Compile Resources and Libraries.
  • Installable file generation (i.e .apk for Android, .IPA for iOS and .app for Windows Phone).
  • Localization & Globalization (Optional / Information only).
  • Testing and Publishing/Distribution.
  • Direct update for the new build.