UIPath- Glossary

UiPath Glossary

Glossary of UiPath. As much as possible are described briefly.

UiPath products

the termDesignationContent
UiPath StudiostudioIs a robot development applications.
UiPath RobotrobotUiPath is an application that runs the robot that was created in the Studio.
UiPath OrchestratorOrchestratorIt is a web application that manages UiPath Robot.

UiPath Studio

Development project

the termDesignationmeaning
ProjectprojectOperation process in which the robot performs the (business process) is what was visualized.
ActivityactivityRefers to the operation of the robot is performed.
SequencesequenceIt is suitable for the process proceed in a straight line.
FlowchartflowchartIt is suitable for complex business processes.
State machineState machineVery suitable for large-scale projects.


the termDesignationmeaning
VariablevariableData is like a box to put such as numbers and characters.
Variable TypeMoldIt is kind of a container of variables. Text, numbers, and date and time.
ScopescopeVariable is the range that can be used.
ArgumentsargumentIt is intended to be used in the case of the passing of variables between projects.


the termDesignationmeaning
RecordingrecordingStores the operation manually, automatically creates a business process.
BasicbasicUse the operation and a single activity in multiple windows at the time of recording.
DesktopdesktopUse multiple operation at the time of recording in a single window.
WebwebYou use at the time of recording the Web applications and browser operation.
CitrixCitrixUse the operation on the virtual environment at the time of recording.
Data ScrapingData scrapingBrowser, to get the structured data from applications such as.


the termDesignationmeaning
SelectorSelectorWhen an operation such as click is a string that describes the “Which window, perform or for any part.”
UI element UI elementsThing is of all such as menus and push buttons that are part of the user interface.
WildcardWildcardIt is a symbol that can replace one or more characters in the selector string.
Full SelectorComplete selectorIt contains all the necessary elements to identify the UI elements (including a top-level window).
Patial SelectorPart selectorIt contains the elements necessary to identify the UI elements (not including the top-level window).
UiPath ExplorerExplorerTo get a specific UI elements, display, is a selector creation tools, such as can be edited.

UiPath Orchestrator

the termDesignationContent
TenanttenantIt is the means of asset management on a department-by-department basis on Orchestrator.
Organization UnitunitIt is the means of asset management at the organizational unit on the Orchestrator.
RolerollYou manage user access rights.
RobotrobotUiPath is a business process that you created in the Studio. Or, is the execution host running the business processes in Orchestrator.
PublishPublishA workflow that was created in UiPath Studio Package.
PackagepackageUiPath refers to the robot set of files (.nupkg) that you created in the Studio.
ProcessprocessIt represents the association of the package and the environment.
EnviromentenvironmentAnd the grouping of the robot.
AssetAssetSave the common variables and authentication information on the Orchestrator.
JobjobRun the process in one or more of the robot.
QueuequeueIs the storage function that allows unlimited hold the item.
ScheduleScheduleOrchestorator on the job execution date and time, the conditions, you can set, such as number of times.
AuditauditAudit trail of the executed action is displayed.