Curriculum for Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables

Course outline and structure

PivotTable Getting Started

  • Why PivotTables?
  • Structuring Your Source Data
  • Inserting Your First PivotTable
  • Navigating the Field List
  • Manipulating PivotTable Views
  • PivotTable Options: “Analyze” & “Design”
  • Selecting, Clearing, Moving & Copying Pivots
  • Refreshing & Updating Pivots
  • Dealing with Growing Source Data
  • How PivotTables ACTUALLY Work

PivotTable Formatting

  • Number Formatting
  • Automatically Formatting Empty Cells ]
  • Table Layouts & Styles
  • Using Tabular Tables to Create New Source Data
  • Customizing Headers & Labels
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Data Bars with Invisible Text

Sorting, Filtering & Grouping

  • Sorting Options
  • Why is my Alphabetical Sorting Wrong?
  • Label Filters & Manual Selections
  • Using Label Filters with Wildcards
  • Value Filters
  • Enabling Multiple Filters
  • Grouping Data
  • Automatic Date Grouping
  • Using Slicers & Timelines to Filter Data
  • Breaking Out Report Filter Pages

Calculated Values, Fields & Items

  • “Summarize Values By” Options
  • Avoiding the “Count Of” Trap
  • “Show Values As” Calculations
  • Show Values As: % of Column/Row
  • Show Values As: % of Parent
  • Show Values As: Difference From
  • Show Values As: Running Total
  • Show Values As: Rank
  • Show Values As: Index
  • Show Values As ..More

Inserting Calculated Fields

  • Calculations in Pivots vs. Raw Data
  • Calculating Using Counts
  • Inserting a Calculated Item
  • The Solve Order & List Formulas Tools


  • Intro to PivotCharts
  • PivotChart Demo: Column Chart
  • PivotChart Demo: Pie/Donut Chart
  • PivotChart Demo: Clustered Bar Chart
  • Prevent Charts from Resizing with Cells
  • Changing Chart Types on the Fly
  • PivotChart Demo: Stacked Area Chart
  • PivotChart Layouts & Styles
  • Moving PivotCharts to New Sheets
  • Applying Slicers & Timelines to Multiple Charts
  • Building a Dynamic Dashboard

PivotTable Case Studies

Wrapping Up

For any inquiry and demo, please contact Atal @9818569825 or write at


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